NEW!! Lifestyles GN developed NutriaPlus as a combination of 12 synergistic ingredients that showed amazing results in helping human health!

Lifestyles GN vyvinula nový produkt NutriaPlus jako kombinaci 12 synergických složek, které ukázaly úžasné výsledky v oblasti lidského zdraví!

UPOZORNĚNÍ. NutriaPLus bude k dispozici v průběhu roku 2019 (  EU a Česká republika). V současné době nabízíme produkt NUTRIA a program Lépe Společně.

Proven benefits of NutriaPlus:

  • Reduces cell damage caused by toxic effects of pollution and

    chemicals *

  • Cell Health – reduces inflammation at the cellular level *

  • Keeps healthy cells healthy your entire life *

NutriaPlus is the first natural health product to be formulated using the Zebrafish Research Model!

Výhody NutriaPlus:

Snižuje poškození buněk způsobené toxickými účinky znečištění, bojuje proti zánětům na buněčné úrovni, udržuje zdravé buňky zdravé.

NutriaPlus je první přirozený zdravotní přípravek, který byl vytvořen pomocí Zebrafish Research Modelu!

Zde si můžete stáhnout PDF o Q & A NutriaPlus

Zebrafish are excellent for research because:

  • they share 70% of the human genetic code

  • they share 85% of the genes that cause human disease

  • they are transparent – researchers can study their cells easily

  • they are the ideal way to see how nutrients function in the body

  • they grow quickly and breed rapidly

Click here to download the NutriaPlus Q&A

Now available in the Philippines, Canada, USA, and Hong Kong. But stay tuned, NutriaPlus will soon be available in other markets too!

Intra & NutriaPlus

The Antioxidant Power Of Intra And NutriaPlus

On a standardized scale, the power of Intra and NutriaPlus together produce a Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) of 1501. TAC measures the power of an antioxidant based on its ability to neutralize free radicals. Higher TAC levels equal stronger antioxidant capacity.

Synergické účinky přípravků Intra a Nutria – více zde.

Better Together:  The Synergy Of Intra And NutriaPlus

NutriaPlus is a breakthrough formula that complements the 23 time-tested and trusted botanical extracts in Intra. When both are taken together, your body can benefit from more than 250 health building properties.

The antioxidants found in NutriaPlus protect cells and have been known to fight diseases including cancer. The 23 botanical extracts found in Intra provide the body with vital nutrients. When Intra and NutriaPlus are combined, the ingredients have a powerful synergistic effect, including better absorption and increased reactions in the body.